Monday, February 1, 2010

small steps

I got to the Big Studio in Lowell for 4 straight hours today. My goal was to get one, possibly two pieces Nearer to Done. To warm up, I dyed some cloth, with backings in mind, tho' I wound up using grey I bought last summer (thinking I'd make myself clothes. O well!)I did get both pieces stitched and backed, plus I worked back into both with color: india ink, instaset dye, and tulle. But my camera truncated those files, so here's what Deer Moon looked like after painting but before stitching:
Here are a few other pieces I've gone back into. I am increasingly interested in how fabric behaves in conjunction with acrylics. These three pieces from last summer, for example. Originally they were sweet, but predictable. Here they are now.Ideas are brewing. Now I'm off to hear Nancy Crasco talk about her work. Should be inspiring.

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