Thursday, February 4, 2010

The point

This started years ago, as a print on white. I painted into it with watercolors. Then the back became more interesting than the front. Periodically I would stitch into it, then put it back on the "What IS this?" pile. A piece of painted fabric became its ground. I stitched some more. I painted with acrylics.

John McPhee
, when asked once whether he didn't sometimes wish to change a published work, replied, "The point isn't to get it perfect. The point is to get it finished." This piece, at last, is done.


iNdi@ said...

i'm not even sure that the point is to finish...for me, the point is in the process of 'doing'

thanks for your friendly visit
i could follow the trail back here
best wishes

Rayna said...

Done and beautiful, Linda.