Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open Studios

City-wide Open Studios in Lowell. Come see artists in their natural habitat:We are cleaning up Lowell Fiber Studio: painting walls, sweeping floors, finishing work. Come. Say hi. Take a look. Free food. Free parking at Western Avenue Studios. Plus a free shuttle to downtown locations and guides to help you find your way. I'll demonstrate screen printing from 1-3 both days, on the fifth floor, outside studio 512.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Approaching completion

Here's the completed quilt I had in pieces a couple of weeks ago.After crit, I felt like I just had too many ideas for one piece. I edited for clarity: moved to bird up, took out images that clamored for too much attention, worked for rhythm the eye could follow. I'm satisfied. And there's a pile of material that didn't get in, waiting for new pieces to begin. Here's another detail. The piece is about half-quilted. I hope to finish it before the weekend.

Today I played hooky, though. A friend and I curled up under a quilt and watched "The Orphanage." Now I'm all dizzy with those grey images, and must give my mind time to come back to me. Do you find movies haunting? My husband can watch one after another on TV, but me, I find the visual imprints itself behind my eyes. The pictures can linger for a days.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Energy

I am resolved: I will learn to Follow Through. This extends from the mundane (dishes INTO the dishwasher, please folks, not piling up in the sink for Mom to move) to the professional. So. This week I got this piece off my wall and mounted it.Just a few more steps to go here:
Two more quilt tops are waiting at the Big Studio.

I decided a whole-cloth piece that was giving me hell should just get cut down and reworked. Here's the first extract:
And during Open Studios on this past, muggy Saturday I made a half-dozen small collages, now in the queue for finishing. Here are two of my favorites:

I'm putting together my application to join the Loading Dock Gallery. Production has begun for the approaching shows. September 27 and 28, you'll find me demonstrating screen printing at Lowell Open Studios . In October, I'll have a booth at the the RISD Alumnae sale in Providence, October 11. October 12 I share a booth at the Boston Handmade show at SoWa in Boston. In short, it's fall. The heat's lifted. It's time to work. And I can think again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Art postcards

A few more postcards finished. I love to see how old scraps and new bits work together.
My family just got back from our annual week on Cape Cod, so I am drifting and blissful. Cleaned up my studio yesterday and got back to sewing last night. It's good to be back.