Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alzheimer's assignment

 The request: invitations painted by the residents, for an upcoming concert.  The artists: low-to-mid-functioning Alzheimer's patients.  Materials: watercolor concentrates, liquid tempra, glue. Plus one hour.

Song + summer led to sheet music and birds. So I've been experimenting this morning, looking for the best order of steps, asking myself how to stream-line instruction, and trying to anticipate where different residents will need help.
printed image, glued as rectangle, then painted

Printed image, trimmed, then glue and painted
 I think I'll go with more than one solution in my pocket. Teaching is so like theater. You never quite know how the audience will react, but you commit to bringing the solution home.
Music for belly, from Pinterest idea

 I like Music As Wings idea best.
Pencil drawing, painted with mix of white tempra and watercolor.

Maybe I can figure a way to have that text to add, too.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Begin Anywhere

This Saturday, July 5, Lowell Fiber Studio will be open for visitors. Join us to chat and see what's new. I have been working on pillows, made with hand-dyed and -printed scraps from the past year.

Home studio work table

take either elevator to the fifth floor
Lowell Fiber Studio is on the fifth floor of Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, right by the bathrooms and central stairs.

Glass, fabric, photography, more:  in the halls of Western Avenue Studios, you'll find company and inspiration. All five floors open this Saturday, noon to 5.

Western Avenue artists: a small selection (credits here)
On the second floor, stop in at the  Loading Dock Gallery.  July's show, Begin Anywhere, showcases  the exquisite work of Sonja Lee-Austin, together with my new collages. It is a celebration of possibility, with an expansive approach to material and form.

Dream: Counterpoint, Linda Dunn, 2014

Begin Anywhere
 122 Western Avenue, Lowell, MA
Opening Reception Saturday
July 5, 5-7pm