Thursday, February 11, 2010

Icons of Color

I am always interested in Fine Art that resembles Textile Art. Several pieces at this site fit the bill: constructed planes of color, flat, often bright, free of narrative. I find myself wondering, if they were fabric, would they be in this gallery? In general Minus Space is thought-provoking, worth browsing.

I also recommend Joanne Mattera's Art Blog today: an in-depth "visit" to Karen Schifano's studio. Cool to see ideas in progress, from idea board through maquette to finished pieces. As one comment puts it, the work is about risk and inquiry.

My own day was more paperwork, coffee with a fellow artist, and the hunt for a pair of pants that fit. Now it's time to cook White Beans and Sage, which Mark Bittman assures me will taste delicious.

When I am wealthy, I will have a cook.

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