Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rocking the Fall

This October, I lead 4-week class in monoprinting at the Arlington Center for the Arts.
Gelatin plates, Gelli plates, and more. As I prepare, my studio fills with prints. 
Grids, stencils, leaves, paint, everywhere.
 Alexandra Sheldon's excellent collage classes taught me that, when students start with a good palette, the likelihood of success skyrockets. Good color sings. So I will provide coordinated colors to get us started, and provide pointers about  brands and buying.
 Also, a workshop this summer at the incredible Zia May Print Studio
taught me the value of that phrase "Supplies Included."
Don't know about you, but I was nervous enough just showing up. Everyone was helped by the right supplies waiting, and we learned more because we used the same tools. So I'll provide small Gelli plates, paints, stencils,  and tools. Students can get right to work.
Want to play with paint, line, shape? Curious about Gelli plates but don't know whether to buy one? Join me October 1, in  paint clothes and comfy shoes. We'll rock the fall with stencils, color and paint. Four fabulous weeks.