Monday, December 9, 2013

Nine reasons to visit

You need to come to Western Avenue Studios. Look what's waiting for you:

One of my all-time favorites: A Dog Lamp by Barbara Fletcher
Just a few shots from this last weekend's open house.
There's so much more.
 You'll find yourself inspired.

Floor cloth by Karen Cabral Sullivan 
Purse from hand-printed fabric by Linda Dunn
  Sculpture by Glenn Szegedy
 Crocheted "Soft Stones" necklace by Gwen Stith
 Hand-dyed vintage linens at Lowell Fiber Studio
  Pottery from Muddy Girls Studio 
 Felted vessels by Judi Davidson
 Paper lamp by Barbara Fletcher

The place is huge - don't expect to see everything in one day. 
But wear your walking shoes, and come enjoy a blast of creativity. 

Big hint: the main elevator is SLOW. For a faster ride, enter where in the "elbow" where the two mill buildings meet. Buzz the freight elevator. Lovely young people will be running it both Saturday and Sunday. When you get in, ask to go to the fifth floor. Then drift as your whimsy takes you: down halls, stairwells, across the bridge between buildings and back again.

Looking for me? Bring this map. Or just ask where the 5th floor bathrooms are. My studio is right next door.

Open Studios

122 Western Avenue Studios, Lowell
Saturday and Sunday
December 14-15