Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taking flight

 Taking Flight, copyright Linda B. Dunn 6"x6"

I'm off for a week, to visit my mom in her nursing home in Lancaster PA, then my 90-year-old god mother in Maryland. Along the way my daughter and I will visit colleges and watch movies and listen to NPR and favorite songs. A long time in the car, for my tastes, but with moments-to-be-enjoyed along the way.

 "Behold" detail

The New England Quilt Museum's show, No Holds Barred, continues through April 9. If you can get there and you're interested in surface design, this is a show to see. Lovely work. Three of my pieces are there, including this one, "Behold."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate; take a break

Kitchen renovation starts today. 

I was going to post photos of the hearts I pinned all over my studio, for my daughter, who will be sleeping there while my brother-in-law (who will be doing the work) stays in her room. But in my excitement about having the kitchen and company, I put my camera in the wash with the towels. So here is a belated Valentine from one of my favorite artists and people, Virginia Fitzgerald:
The simultaneous loss of camera, kitchen and (correspondingly) living space, means no blog posts for the next couple of weeks. Saturday I set out on the first annual Little Old Lady tour of Lancaster PA and Maryland, plus some college visits. Wish me luck.

PS: what camera should I buy?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All's owl-right

Pooped out from shoveling, with ice and snow piles towering, I'm taking a break to let you all know about my friend Mimi Kirchner's wonderful owls:
I feel warmer just looking at them.  And some hand-woven wool in my stash might be just the thing to make one of my own.