Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Motherhood series

I have working with the volumes of photos I brought home from my mother's house a few years back and the quantities of old linens I have dyed:Originally I thought this work would become an artist's book. But each piece has its own energy. So I'm mounting them on stretchers.

Like words, the images start me thinking. A piece of old linen becomes a frame, and then the colors begin to spin around that center:
The fabric's I'm working with now ask for a formal treatment. All those careful stitches, made so long ago. I think about duets I used to play on the piano, and look for "voices" to accompany each picture: the harmony of an old apron, pizzicato of pearl buttons:
I've posted the first piece on Etsy. The pieces are small so that I can price them modestly. Everyone feels so hard up right now. A little love and a little art should be affordable, along with the groceries.

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Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Very lovely. It is a difficult time for so many people right now. Affordable art is just the right cure.