Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Work

My class has left me itching to paint. My sketchbook travels with me again. It is such a liberation, to work with color and curiosity at the drop of a hat.

Meanwhile the stores want new inventory, and a show is coming up, so I've harnessed myself to the sewing machine.
The new inventory so far:
The painting and the sewing - they connect somewhere in my soul. Wonder what will happen when I print?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Go Learn Something

One of my favorite on-line inspirations, Alisa Burke, is hosting a sale this week for her on-line classes. You can take $10 off any on-line course. Which means you could have a blast with spray paint, canvas, stamps and found objects for as little as $20. Her blog and her work are so full of energy, a wonderful lift.

If you live in New England, another artist, Linda Germain, will host a one-day class in using gelatin prints in Essex. She achieves layered, almost photographic affects with this simple medium.
Lowell Fiber Studios will also host classes soon. Cathy Granese will show you how to make an envelope purse May 22. I teach Improvisational Screen Printing June 13. Connie Wood will lead a class is doll-making June 19. I'll have more information on these soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the Road

Friday I drove to Poughkeepsie, where my sister teaches at Vassar College. Saturday we slogged across NY and NJ, arriving in Bryn Mawr just in time to attend the memorial service for Mrs. Louis Goutman, who taught drama at my high school for over 40 years. She made Theater - housed then in a 100-year-old stable - into a haven, a refuge, a launching pad for countless dreamers:

Half-a-dozen of us, middle-aged all, sat and talked into the afternoon. My heart is full.

Then on to Lancaster, which I've grown to love over the years we've been visiting my mom at the retirement community there, tucked between the little city and the jewel-like farms: