Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer in the Studio

My studio is a hot little place this time of year. No air-conditioning, and precious little ventilation. Who invented casement windows anyway? With a fan going full tilt, and very little clothing on, I can work for an hour or two. But mostly I dodge in, pile up more possibilties, and dash back out to somewhere cool.

So the new fabrics are piling up in various corners, and ideas are hanging from every wall.

There is promising work in progress, waiting for the humidity to drop so I can think again.

Meanwhile, Butterscotch, my familiar, is annoyed by my absence, and sheds accordingly.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fabric haul(ing)

Yesterday the temperature climbed to the 90s, but that didn't stop three of us from Western Avenue Studios. A local upholstery shop had asked for help clearing out left-over fabric. "It's just junk to us," the wonderful owner explained. So, amidst piles of springs and batting, we sorted through their stash, and filled our cars to the brim.
Once home, I lined bolts on the neighbor's fence, and unrolled them in the driveway.

I had wild chintzes - including these surreal tulips, and this wonderful fruit print, called "Tahiti" and a terrific toile. Are those people listening to a concert, or in mourning? Also loads of velvets and brocades.

My neck is sunburned, my body's weary and my little fabric heart is jazzed, just looking at all these beauties and imagining what we might do with them.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Two pieces, commissioned by a friend of my sister's, are finished and on their way. I love making these scarves. I wade in colors, and, slowly, the pieces come together. The amazing thing is how the piece changes when it's worn. It becomes almost musical: the relationship among the colors changes depending on how the scarf in draped, and changes again when the wearer moves. I'm partial to silks, but I take all kinds of soft, drapey bits. You'll find old dresses and vintage kimono twinkling in among the hand-dyed silk and store-bought rayons.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fabric of Legacies

This lovely e-card came in the mail today:My piece, One Way, is in the show.

It is so hot the tomato plants are passing out. The cats are hiding under houses and even the dog isn't interested in walking far. I have a commission to finish, but can't bring myself to turn on the iron in my un-air-conditioned studio. Maybe after the sun goes down....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Local talent

Last week I had the pleasure of showing locally, with a wonderful collection of artists who met through Etsy. We call ourselves Boston Handmade, and I must say, a more talented bunch you could not find.

Here I am ready for business.

The crowds were relaxed, curious, careful with their money, but still interested in buying. A lot of small items, and one piece of art, found new homes. I love when someone buys art. It's such a declaration of faith, when a total stranger says "I love this," then takes it home.