Friday, October 30, 2009

October art

This morning's work. Working title is "Deer Moon." The deer were printed on silk ages ago. I just got up the nerve to cut them out and move them to other fabrics.
I finished a second round of t-shirts this week. This set is autumnal, an echo of the last yellows and reds outside. The cat, grumpy because rain drove her in, decided my work made a fine cushion:
She does not stay in long, because the dog finds everything she does so interesting:

Today I'm under the weather (flu? Cold? Who knows?). I think I need to crop the deer piece to make it narrower. God bless Photoshop:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My tidy-fit continues. Anyone who knows me might be tempted to check for a fever. Two large bags of scraps await pickup on the porch. Wonderful bits of hand-dye and lace are being repackaged as Craft Kits for resale.

I am turning the smallest scraps I love into tiny notebook covers. I love the clean lines, like a picture frame in miniature, and functional.
Each starts with one piece of high-quality upholstery fabric. A grace note of hand-printed fabric plus quotation on the front, then a tidy lining, the corners all folded, two pockets, and an elastic to hold it closed.Simplify. Simplify.
I'm tickled to have at last figured out how to stitch them together with one seam. Once I finish my paperwork (taxes, filing, mom's hospital bills) and teach (Alzheimer's patients today) I will make more.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Small to Large

The scraps of fabric were up to my waist, so I started making wee bags from the smallest. It feels glorious to see them become functional.I love this deer: it was the test piece, on a rough old linen napkin, when I was printing t-shirts the other week.
After a couple of days of this I was ready to tackle the big piece that has been brewing on the design wall.I ironed and arranged - I like the bottom corner. With the miracle of Photoshop I have a test plan to work on tomorrow:

Friday, October 9, 2009

New work for Next Show

I've been working with birds again.

The idea of object and context, near and distant vision absorbs me. Narrative, time, the question of perspective: where you stand and where you've been changes what you see.

Meanwhile, like Jacob and the angel, I wrestled with scanner and software, and turned original collages into cards I can print myself. Wohoo!

All these will be available tomorrow at the RISD alumni sale.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Work

This piece tumbled out last weekend, when I did two marathon printing sessions as part of Lowell Open Studios. Many thanks to friends and colleagues who came to watch.

Here are two results from that session. They began with the same image. With colored pencil , I shifted hues, brought out details, and added depth.

Pick up your heart


Tuesday I printed two dozen t-shirts for RISD sale. They must have come out well because my teenage daughter made off with two of them. Yesterday I unrolled my yardage from the weekend. I cropped, sorted, stitched. Several pieces are now mounted and ready for the RISD next Saturday October 10.


Others want larger treatment. My walls are covered with snippets and ideas. Wonderful feeling.