Thursday, January 8, 2009

Out with the Old

Other people have chosen words like "trust, " "renew," and "believe" to inspire their new year. Perhaps the word for me will be "organize." Or just "behave." I came perilously close to missing several key appointments last month: some improvement was required. Here's what I'm trying this week:
  • Settle down: Tea and calendar time replace morning coffee. Before I walk the dog I want to know today's date and what I hope to do.
  • Plan ahead. Like a fisherman, I want to keep a light hand on the line. Maybe I can look back and get a handle on what's coming. For the first time, I will, I swear, stockpile inventory so the holidays don't hurl me out the window.
  • Follow through. Keep projects separated. Stick to one thing. Finish what I start. Put stuff back when I'm done. Good grief, they teach this in kindergarten, but I still need to learn.
  • Listen more. If the VNA project last year taught me anything, it was that the answers don't exist, they grow. We are all part of the process. The more carefully I listen the richer I will be.
  • Reach out. Join up, sign up, show up. (I can already feel myself caving in.) Okay, so this one is optimistic. I am so shy I need someone to accompany me to my own reception. But I promise to try.
  • Remain hopeful. The unknown and the unexpected rule. Let go of the failures. Keep my mental knees flexed, and roll with what life sends me.
Of course, already I'm amazed at how slowly anything gets done. One job sprouts tendrils like mold and pretty soon a simple to-do item is sprawled all over my husband's desk. The sun has ducked down over the houses across the street; it's time to start dinner. But one more thing is checked off today's list, and the last item on the list prevails.

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