Sunday, January 25, 2009


First, let me show you (Hurray! I did get a photo!): the completed pillow I made for the Artist's Valentine sale in Groton next week.

Next: applause: My studio is in order. You have no idea how huge this is. Or maybe you do.
I decided I didn't need more storage, I needed less stuff. So I gave away four bags of fabric through FreeCycle. They went to a Dad who was taking his girl and her friends to a Day of Service making quilts, so blessings on it all. The shelves now hold projects in various stages, from mere ideas to near completion. Now the list isn't lost in my head, it's on the shelves where I can see and choose.

To celebrate, I made a purse I had promised for a friend, my mother's best friend from before I was born:
Quite cheery. This style, very small, never sold well, but I like to travel light and so always loved it. I'm glad it has a new fan. Now, on to new inventory, and getting finished work mounted so that I can photograph it for shows.

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Lucie Wicker Photography said...

I LOVE the pillow! Beautiful!