Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the Land of Craft

This week started with Craft Production: I made a half-dozen pincushions for resale. The pieces are whimsical interludes. They let me get out my collection of beads, flowers, and bits of trim-too-small to use. The tallest looks rather like an ice cream sundae:My favorite is peaceful, nestled in a pink coffee cup that could have come from my childhood:
They are, of course, based on ideas surfacing all over the web. To see how a real artist uses the form, check out Mimi Kirchner's Small Worlds. Her pieces are like snow globes made with felt. They take my breath away.

So I'm working on a more original idea that uses my own fabrics. Still, I do love this excuse to handle old china and embroidery floss. I'll post the next pieces soon.

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