Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Next generation

My daughter and her friend AnnaLee came to open studio this month. The building, with its rambling halls and multiple stairwells, is just the place to explore with a good friend. But at the end of the day they were thrilled to curl up with a box of scraps and make their own artist Valentines. I made two pillows for the Groton Artist's Valentine sale. Here is my favorite, in progress. I wanted something sophisticated, unexpected. The black is a cool net-like synthetic from a high-end fashion designer's castoffs. The bird is one of my prints, on linen from a discarded kitchen curtain. After I stitched these down, I found some beautiful varigated silk ribbon in browns and greens. I added it as a frame. The results (no photo alas!) is beautiful and will be on sale at the Kalliroscope Gallery Februuary 1 from 2-5.

You can see Jeanne Williamson's contributions here, and Virigina Fitzgerald's here. Wow. There will be some fine work. Come and browse!

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