Monday, December 29, 2008

Tea and Rest

Nothing smells as good as bread fresh from the oven.

Winter arrived in style, just days away from Christmas. The whole neighborhood shoveled for three days straight. After that, I took the needle off the record (to use an expression from my past). No sewing, no posting, no email even. Just reading, and wrapping, and sipping tea. You can see one of my favorite tea cups in this picture. The artist, Kristin Nichols, is a remarkable designer and long ago was a colleague. Now she owns her own sheep herd in western Massachusetts and publishes her designs and books. Check out her blog.

One of the books I devoured was Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. That inspired me to get out the bread machine again. And to fritter some early morning hours daydreaming on-line about seeds and container gardening. Now I'm reading Musicophilia and thinking I should clear off the piano to play again.

A last check came from one store, plus a welcome request for more inventory. Here are my pillows, packed and ready to go:

I am sending them a sample of my new pocket note books. At just $4.75 they are an easy way to slip a little indulgence into your life. They sold well at the Loading Dock Gallery. I will have them in the studio when we hold our next open house, this Saturday, January 3. I'll post when I get the new crop up on Etsy.
But this week the dog is my inspiration: curl up, stay warm, and (unless food's handy) relax:

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