Friday, January 9, 2009

Onward and upward with the arts

It is hard to convey the mess my wee studio has become.Every December this happens. Every January I need days to gather the nerve to reenter. Meanwhile, more stuff gets herded up there, and added to the piles. I so envy folks with big studios, tho' I suspect I could trash several hundred square feet just as effectively.

I brought back sticks this morning, because I've had recurring visions of a sculpture mounted on twigs. The dog thought I brought them in for her. I decided the chewed ends may add to the mood of the piece.
I must wrestle with the computer and get images non-compatible disk onto mine. Must deposit those last checks from December. Get out while the sun in shining, and smile back at the world.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your studio looks like my sister's. We are complete opposites. I have to have organization around me in order to be creative and she produces great things amoungst chaos! So, it is neither here nor there.

Gunnels blog said...

I really like your studio !!!