Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nancy Youdelman

Sometimes the internet leads you just where you want to be.
I was wandering links (I know, I promised to do that less. But at least I was surfing art links instead of trying to come up to speed on Battle Star Galactica.) Somehow I wound up here looking at the work of Nancy Youdelman. So much work and so moving. I'm the kind of person who enters an altered state around old stuff. Aprons, buttons, jewjaws, empty jars: they chant, they murmur, they whisper about lives lived, loves past, patterns known but forgotten. I want my work to sing that song.

I have to go make dinner, but my head will be full of possibilities.

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Gunnels blog said...

Yes, me too ! O love old aprons, buttons, empty jars, old sewingpatterns, etc Why are we like that so much ???