Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking for direction

Sometimes one reaches a pause between efforts. I'm not just rusty, I'm becalmed.I need to grope around in the dark, asking questions. So one question is, how have ideas arrived before? I heard a composer once say none of us know where ideas come from, we just have a set of recipe cards, and we know, if we follow these, we will be there, working, when the idea arrives. This fabric arrived because I was working on something else --- initially this was the scrap fabric where I "printed off" excess ink. Then something started happening, and I noticed, and followed. It's as mysterious as that. Below is the professional photograph of the finished piece.
Today it hit me (duh) to print of paper as well, so I am off to the studio to explore new screens and try to narrow my inquiry into color gradations and transparencies. Probably the humidity will lay me low before I get far, but it feels good to have a path to start on.

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Anonymous said...

Linda..these pieces are wonderful...very free style and relaxed..isn't it strange how some things happen when you least expect them to...wonderful. Louise