Wednesday, June 18, 2008

found design

I have been quite punk the past week --- a terrible cough, long naps and no ability to create or cook. I even watched "VOLCANO" start to finish on the TV, in the AFTERNOON. This is unheard of. Clearly the brain is switched to "OFF."

So today I point you to a wonderful sight for those who need to browse while sitting down: Founddesign. Full of delicious photos, listed by city. Boston is well represented. My favorite is the Vegas Boneyard full of abandoned neon signs, piled against each other in the desert. Just the kind of picture I like to bring home. The one above comes from my trip to Grand Canyon, for example. I figure I'll never surpass the formal shots of scenic wonders --- I'll buy postcards for that -- but the quirky, the man-made, the over-looked, that's what I want to shoot.

Speaking of found design, a shout-out to Jeanne Williamson, whose work for several years has been based on her love of found grids, from construction fence to high-rise. Her monoprints won her a no-strings-attached grant from the Groton Artists Foundation this spring. Hooray!

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