Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Carry Art

I have been collecting trees.
Each morning I walk the dog. I study the trees we walk past: sturdy, twisting things, with roots that curl within the confines of the sidewalk, and arms that reach for the sky. Each has its own character. They proceed me in the landscape like figures on a canvas.

When I remember my camera, I bring home images to prod me forward. A photo of a sycamore in winter became this wonderful image to silk screen:The spring saw me sidelined for weeks with flu. After that came my girl's graduation, then I was sick again. Finally last week I got to the Big Studio and began to print on blank tote bags as well as various linens and cottons from my stash. The trees came out, and began to dance sedately with birds and text:Then the birds became more playful, while the trees receded:
Finally, the birds sang all on their own:

I'm thrilled. These totes make art portable, and they help you spurn paper bags. Folks comment all the time on the one I use. You will find them for sale at the Boston Handmade Marketplace this Saturday in Somerville, and at Lowell Fiber Studio when we hold Open Studios during the Lowell Quilt Festival. I'll post them some at my Etsy store, too. Meanwhile, I have yards of birds and trees to turn into other forms of art. Can't wait to get to work.

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Vivien said...

Big fan of trees myself. Your photo and the print are lovely. How big are the totes? I like those, too.