Monday, January 28, 2008

Warming up

It got down to 48 degrees in my kitchen, so I finally put on my DIY hat and installed the sheet of plexiglass over the ridiculous excuse for a kitchen window, installed back when oil was cheap and no one had heard of climate change. The cold is a great incentive to work, since my iron nicely heats up my wee studio, while the temperature in the rest of the house sinks through the morning.

I have been finishing work for this Saturday's Open Studios, many Valentines:
If you are anywhere near Groton Massachusetts this Sunday, stop by for the Artist's Valentine sale, at the Kalliroscope gallery, 264 Main Street, from 2-5. Reasonably priced art (most pieces under $30) with a
Valentine's theme are donated each year by artists. Every penny from the sale funds is distributed as artist grants.

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