Thursday, January 31, 2008

New direction?

My toes are itching; I want to trade in daily routine for a chance to *FOCUS.*

Have any of you been to the Atlantic Center for the Arts Focus on Fiber? Or attended a class in Peters Valley?

Diane Savona will be teaching how to combine printing on fabric with wax, in Deeply Layered Images. I'm not the beginner she's planning to teach, but since she runs the class open-ended, I could presumably begin where I am and move forward from there. The idea of wax got me looking at encaustic work on-line, which led me to a local show on encaustic landscapes. Which has got me thinking about layers and structure. It feels like a road beckoning.

Of course, as Van Gogh said, the best picture is the one you dream about while lying in bed, smoking a pipe, but never actually paint. IE: Time to log off and DO something.

Any advice appreciated.

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