Friday, January 11, 2008

acres of stuff

In the midst of otherworldly rain and fog this morning, I drove with Mimi Kirchner to sort through fabric and craft supplies left behind by a friend's mother's death. Just about 15 months ago I was doing the same for my mother. All those purchases, initially hopeful, in the aggregate speak volumes about loneliness and age.

My mother discovered QVC after my father went into care. When she collapsed, we found crates of receipts. We found multiple irons, ironing boards, sewing machines still in boxes. Hundreds of boxes of cosmetics. And so many clothes you could barely move.

Ultimately we donated most everything to a local shelter: they had storage and would help us haul. My mom lives in one room now. We don't talk about that time.

Where do I post the sign to remind myself, don't do this to your girl?


Rayna said...

Uh oh - I had better start cleaning out this minute.

Lee said...

You have accumulated much good karma.

I did this twice for my mother-in-law - she refilled the house after we cleared it once, and we had to do it again, and a third time after her death. It think it was easier for me than my husband and his sisters. For them, it was their childhood home, their mother behaving oddly.

I am dreading dealing with my mom's stuff, and she doesn't buy things quite so reflexively, she saves old things instead.