Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creaking with age

If I was a photographer, this post would be filled with images of snow-covered city at dawn. The light was all pink and blue, and every branch of every tree outlined with wide bands of snow. But instead I had to think about my feet, my knee (cranky ever since I landed on it in October), and the ice underfoot. Noble is the dog, that walks patiently behind its teetering owner.

Then I come home and drift through blogs, and I feel REALLY old. What's with the youngling fascination with aprons and 60's china? I keep seeing stuff I threw out idolized and sitting in a place of honor. O well. Everything old is new again, I suppose. Except my knee!


Rayna said...

I must be really young: I've been fascinated with aprons from the 40's and 50's forever. I want to know why they don't make full aprons any more. I know! Because nobody cooks!

Hope your cranky knee gets better, Linda. Ouch!

BTW - you don't need to take pictures, your word description of this morning's landscape was lovely.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Actually I love aprons too: I collect (and use) old ones. The tone of wonder and amazement in the blogs (Look! I made an APRON!) is what strikes me - the sense that they have unearthed something so new (wow, brown mugs with ORANGE geometric designs. Cool!)I think maybe these are the young adults who grew up watching Martha Stewart. Not that *I* ever watched her, mind you.