Friday, July 6, 2007


I have been watching trees. To me they speak about continuity and change, age and growth: subjects much on my mind lately. Anyone who makes it to the Scrolls show in Lowell will see this image in my piece. I took it in Lancaster, PA, while closing my mother's house.

I've collected a bunch of photos from my morning walk, and drawings too. Here is one I did while waiting to pick my daughter up from school last winter:

Drawings tell me more. One sketch, years old, became fabric after I took a short class from Gabriell Swain this spring. More is brewing. I like how the printed marks and words mimic the intricacy of branches. The words are like the thoughts that go through my head while I walk.

Thanks to Gabrielle, I can work on the next small piece by hand, where there's air conditioning, when the heat soars this week.

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