Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to Trees

Continued with the tree drawing, but ditched the applique. Fused instead, and found myself in the world of illustration. I loved book illustrations so much growing up: all those exquisite lines and blocks of color. Here is the first, on an abstract ground:

The second grew more quickly, with the tree cut freehand now instead of following the lines. And a 50's silk dress surprised me as the background:

This piece of cloth wants to be a ground, but I love it so much I have been holding off (always a sure sign that it is about time to plunge ahead):

Meanwhile, to one side, leftovers from a larger piece resolved into a satisfactory sketch. I'll start there next time I get to my studio. (Errands errands errands this morning.)

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Susie Monday said...

Love seeing the process from photo and interest to graphic experiments. One of the great things about blogs, right? S