Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Day's Work

The simple act of putting my day's work on-line makes me realize why I feel so fractured. I am split between so many ideas. First some bread-and-butter work (the purses, key bags) each morning, to build inventory for the fall and Christmas sales: this work sells steadily and pays for supplies. Then larger but still affordable art, like the piece above: these go to the Cambridge Artists Cooperative and studio sales. Then there's printing: potential images are piling up in my mind and around the studio. And finally the pieces, like the trees, long for my attention. Somtimes I use an exhibition deadline to push an idea to completion. Other times, a piece grabs hold of me. Then the production work falls by the wayside and I wind up scrambling before a show.

How do you portion your time? How do you decide where to spend your energies?

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