Monday, January 3, 2011

Fabulous Class

Here at last are samples from my students in "Fabulous Fabrications" this fall. The class ran for 8 weeks at the Arlington Center for the Arts.
We took a whirlwind tour of fabric techniques: gelatin plates, shibori, thermofax screens, paints, pastels, photo transfers, and found objects. I demonstrated a new technique each week and brought in tons of supplies.  A student could always  return to a technique she liked (or put aside one she didn't). 
 I admired my students just for showing up. It's hard to muster energy for art in the evening, especially after a full day at work. But they did so much more.
 They shared ideas, traded supplies, and took chances. It was a joy to teach them.
Perhaps the most wonderful thing about leading a class is how the students take the work new places, and they take you there too.
By the last classes, the the students were flying with their own wings. They layered, painted, printed, and glued. They worked large and in miniature. They produced work that knocked my socks off.
Fabulous Fabrications will be offered again at  Arlington Center for the Arts this winter. Eight weeks of paint, printing, and possibilities. If you'd like to come play with us, be sure to register by January 19.

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Wen Redmond said...

Very cool! It's always fun to have the time to really explore a subject.