Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evening Sketchbook Therapy

I bought beautiful fruit for the watercolor class I teach at in the assisted living at  Carleton Willard Village.They glow in the evening light on my kitchen table.
 So, while I run lines with my daughter or listen to the radio, I have been sketching on whatever paper is handy, such this, the back of a piece junk mail:  The notes include reminders about library pickups, and medical-procedure preps. But the drawings are the keepers:
 My holiday gift to myself was a new box of watercolors:   I cannot resist it, and have taken to coloring over old notes, celebrating and transforming to-do-lists gone by:
 Today I'm off to the Big Studio to deliver inventory to the Loading Dock Gallery and then cut out new bags. In the afternoon, I lead my Alzheimer's watercolor class. This recipe for veggie lasagna for dinner I think.

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