Friday, January 14, 2011

cleaning house

It started with the kitchen.
The cabinets, 10 years old when we moved in, are collapsing. So, in February, my brother-in-law arrives to redo the kitchen. May I go here while the work happens, please?

I started to empty the kitchen this week. But we live in a tiny apartment, so first I had to clean out the living room.
You can still play "spot the vintage items" from the sofa, but all this is going to be donated:
Then I realized I needed to clean out my studio, because my daughter will sleep there while my brother-in-law uses  in her room.
For two days I have been digging, dusting, mopping, sorting. I have taken out 4 bags of recycling and two of trash. Tomorrow I carry fabric, trims, buttons, patterns up to the studio for friends at the studio to share. 

My hope is that clarity will rise up where the clutter has been. I can see the ideas I want to work on. Heck, I can see into the closet.
 Certain items refused to leave. I know what I want to do with this but I'm not quiet sure how:
I have an idea about all these slides (remember slides?) too, but it may be a dead end:  
Just got word that my class at the Arlington Center for the Arts is going to run, starting Thursday, so I need to martial those supplies as well. Maybe those go in the closet?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for your sweet note - so great to find you online. Now I can really catch up on all that's been going on for the past few years. Lots to report from up here in Vermont - but I can't say that my house is as organized as yours.

xo. Lisa