Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mad Scientist

 Sunday I spent the afternoon in the studio, dyeing the first lot of scarves.
 My husband has discovered that Sundays in the studio are a wonderful way to read the paper. So he was there, and took photos. I can never remember to take photos once the colors get my heart racing.

I had to re-learn that the first color that "strikes" is it for the first round: You can paint on top of that and change what you see, but if the fiber is full of dye, the added layers just run down the drain. These yellows had all sorts of colors on them, but now look like the sun, making for boring scarves, tho, I admit, a beautiful photo. Doesn't this look like a sunrise?

Today I ironed the ones that passed on the first draft. They look like abstract expressionist paintings.

 The rest got in line for a second round of color. I am going for autumn leaves without printing. Tomorrow, I'll wash and see how I did.

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