Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 I had a hey-old time in the studio today.  This week my class is doing speed-shibori: quick and improvisational. Sunday I set up some samples:
Today I got to undo them and iron the results. Always such a glorious surprise. Did you know that wine bottles work just fine for shibori poles? Here's one sample overpdying silk with CDs as resists:
 And another done on rough linen/synthetic blend with the folded technique (it's the dull-looking bundle in the group above):
Then I made thermofax screens from some new images I rustled up this morning before I walked the dog:
The results are full of potential. Doorways, shadows, grids. Can't wait to get back and work with them further.


Rayna said...

Color me green. The fabrics look great; I find shibori more trouble than it is worth, most of the time. Your blue and red print at the bottom of your post looks like soemthing I could have done. Great minds! LOL

My stand-alone, de luxe, KitchenAid ice maker - the joy of my kitchen when it is working. Don't ask! Good luck picking out a new washing machine. GRRRRRRRR. You have my sympathies, too.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Playing with shibori makes me feel like a baby toddling on the steps of the temple: it's clearly an art form for intense study. I like printing because what you see is what you get, and you can respond to what's happening Right Now. An art form much better suited to my ADD mind