Monday, October 25, 2010

Evolution of an idea

I keep telling my students to look carefully at things that interest them. So, when I found myself alone in a quiet moment, with my sketchbook and a pear, I decided to follow my own advice.
The colored crayons came out next. (Thank you to the teacher who said "Carry art supplies so you don't feel naked.")
I decided to make a stamp. The supplies have been on the "get to this" pile for months. Carving turns out to be a great at-the-kitchen-table activity: meditative and productive at the same time. 

Next day, printing. Suddenly, pears are everywhere:
Some little bottles of paint with nozzles turned out to be great fun for adding movement. When the marks felt too heavy (it was "puff" paint after all) I grabbed another piece of cloth and made a print. The results: a series that goes from zen to rock-and-roll. Here's a half-dozen. Believe me, there's more.
One pear came out extra fat, with an odd stem. A few minutes later, a cat:
Now I have pears all over the studio.

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Rayna said...

These are wonderful, Linda. I never remember to do things like this: maybe because I don't enjoy drawing. But I would LIKE to enjoy drawing...sigh. You are a motivator for me.