Sunday, March 7, 2010

Walking forward

Another long day at the big studio on Friday. Lots of progress, tho, of course, always less than I planned. Things I thought were finished fell completely apart and regrouped. A pile for companion forest/bird pieces has been set to one side:

A stack of 12x12 pieces emerged, which I brought home to finish. Also a couple of pieces too good to mess with: One narrow piece tripled in width. I'm still wrestling with the composition (ignore the red pole):
At the beginning of the week, this piece was just the left side. I like it better now that it's embraced some other thoughts - the different values of brown, and the movement of light through the dark. I think this one is just about ready to stitch.
Of course, everything came down off the wall, to leave it available to my studio mates. A good discipline, though often painful. If I left things up I'd probably stop seeing them. I have that problem in my little studio all the time. Right now the place is a virtual archeological dig of half-finished ideas. Fortunately Mimi Kirchner blogged about just this state of affairs, so I feel better.

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