Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hard at work

Spent what passes for a full day at Lowell Fiber Studio yesterday. (Dog and Daughter mean I leave mid-afternoon.) Quiet focus, and many miles walking around the print table. Took a ton of photos, trying to document process as well as results.

I started out trying to match the last two pieces in dimension, with a changed palette. What emerged to my surprise was the reality of theme, or themes, really: Age and flight. Two directions, two series. Also, what I thought would be long pieces broke into coordinated smaller pieces, which I plan to mount on cradled board. Quelle surprise:

Because I share the studio, I bundled up the most ambiguous ideas, and moved the rest to one board to "steep." You can see the clock telling me it's time to walk the dog.

Meanwhile the professional photos of the last lot are ready to pickup. I finished my business' taxes and documented the huge donations my sister and I made of my mother's stuff at the end of the last year. This afternoon's job is to finish my mother's taxes. If there's any steam left over, my little studio could use some work.

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