Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring! Warmth! Sun. My studio was so hot in the morning sun I flung open the windows and got out fabric the color of flowers. I spent the morning making things from scraps, a delightful re-purposing of hand-dyes and hand-prints. I call these Dream Flags. They are scrappy pleasures - bits of lace, quotations, old linen and new cotton collaged on the fly. They have been selling well at Open Studios. I think will become the topic of a tutorial if I can remember take pictures of the whole process.
This one looks rather like a small apron:

I'm also working on new Note Carriers, these scrappier and more improvisational:
This one goes to my Etsy store for the month of April.

After dinner more painting. Here's my favorite from yesterday evening. Underneath the colors is a layer gesso textured by pressing lace into it while it was wet. The process lends a surprising, satisfying quality to the image.

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