Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Spruced Up

Yesterday, while the rain poured down, the local news program Chronicle came to Western Avenue Studios. Nancy Tuttle of the Lowell Sun wrote up the visit. She calls us a "hidden gem."
How do you hide 150 artists?
Come to open studios this Saturday and see for yourself.
1.Dream Flag
2. dog for dave
3. paint pots at LFS
4. group shot small journals
5. me at work
6. Red Cat by Laura Gawlinski
7. sewing supplies at LFS
8. LFS door
9. a two hands
10. Gwen Stith
11. doll by Connie Wood
12. purses by Susan Webber
13. necklace by Gwen Stith

I'm in Studio 512. Come in the door that says "Hub Mills." Take the elevator to the third floor. Find a stairwell and come up two flights. We'll have water and cookies waiting for you at Lowell Fiber Studio, #512.1.

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