Friday, January 22, 2010


The goal for the week was to get to the Big Studio, but the reality was I crossed the threshold of my Little Studio upstairs, cleaned off my table, and made some cards. It felt good to move color around again.
Hours on the phone working the way through mom's bills have also improved my ability to cut through those endless automated phone trees. Next comes 2009 taxes.

Our chair arrived. This was a piece my mom bought decades ago. I brought it home when we closed her house: it was already "shot" from my dad loving it. We wore it right through. The bottom was dragging on the floor. After months of thinking and budgeting, I took it and my favorite upholstery scraps to the same upholsterer who donated fabric to Lowell Fiber Studios almost two years ago.
He was surprised, but charmed, I think, by the trust. I've had waves of doubt since then. But look: it's a work of art! They used symmetry to balance the onslaught of pattern. I especially love the way the cording changes from place to place. And if you flip the cushion over, it's different on the other side. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

成功是優點的發揮,失敗是缺點的累積 ....................................................

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Google translates this as: Success is a strong point of the play, and failure is the cumulative disadvantage. Paperwork sure does feel like "cumulative disadvantage."