Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fabric haul(ing)

Yesterday the temperature climbed to the 90s, but that didn't stop three of us from Western Avenue Studios. A local upholstery shop had asked for help clearing out left-over fabric. "It's just junk to us," the wonderful owner explained. So, amidst piles of springs and batting, we sorted through their stash, and filled our cars to the brim.
Once home, I lined bolts on the neighbor's fence, and unrolled them in the driveway.

I had wild chintzes - including these surreal tulips, and this wonderful fruit print, called "Tahiti" and a terrific toile. Are those people listening to a concert, or in mourning? Also loads of velvets and brocades.

My neck is sunburned, my body's weary and my little fabric heart is jazzed, just looking at all these beauties and imagining what we might do with them.


mimi k said...

That toile looks very funny! Lucky you for getting called in on a fabric "rescue"!

Anonymous said... those blue tulips..and what a haul you found..lucky you..nothing like free fabric to the on the west coast we're experiencing similar closures and I'm keeping my eyes/ears open for someone needing to have excess fabric hauled away to my studio...have fun with your new stash. Louise

Linda B. Dunn said...

Luckily the guy is still in business. These are just ends of bolts that customers left behind. "If I can't remember the job, it's been here too long."