Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Inching up the Pile of To-Dos

Butterscotch keeps a vigil in my studio, waiting for me.

The New Year Paperwork pile diminishes. The Loading Dock Gallery Press Release shipped yesterday: I found the Power of Attorney and faxed it to my mom's credit card company. I reached the social worker to remind her that business mail comes to me now, then I sent mom envelopes and stamps to forward what slipped through. I asked the doctor for paperwork to confirm that Skilled Care is medically required. I talked to her tax accountant, and got her estimated taxes in the mail.

Then I taught class. I decided these women, all wheelchair-bound and many quite frail, could use a little freedom. So I bought 1.5" paint brushes for everyone - the kind you use for painting trim. I made sure everyone had a ruler. You should have heard the whispers. What? No flowers? No still life? I put this sample on the board:"Start with a straight line. That's your horizon. Now paint the paper with water til it shines. Thend add color, and see what happens."

Tentatively, each student began. The hour's never sped by so fast. "I love the pastels!" said one when I held up one woman's work. "It looks like beach in winter." Soon we had as many different visions as we had students: night sky, winter landscapes, northern lights, tall dunes. Two people asked to hold on to their paintings, so they could work on them later. Yahoo!

Now it's time for my book-keeping. Then FINALLY Iwade into my studio. After holiday sales it is trashed.Wish me luck. January is the month of peace: a time to sort, toss, restore order, as Mimi Kirchner so beautiful describes here. I'm late getting started. Put on some music. Let's go.

O yes: I have to order scarves too. My sister wants to take some with her to sell when she goes to France in February.

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