Friday, June 19, 2009

Working on work

Another Family Album piece finished. This is my mother's sister, decked out for a San Francisco Christmas. She died in childbirth in her 20s. We live each moment - passionately, sleepily, frustrated, happy. Then we are gone.

Yesterday I finished the handwork on for my friend's commission . She wanted it embellished, placed the buttons and hearts herself. So I put on the Ipod and sewed through a rainy afternoon:
In the evening, I began another commission, a wedding gift. The couple is older, second marriage. The buyer picked out an older piece of mine piece she liked. I had a fragment of that "reflection" fabric I'd made, all these years later, so I started there:Of course, the piece is different; years have passed. I work larger now, and use bigger marks, and more of my own colors mixed in the dye pots.

I like the idea of reflection, doubling, as the theme of a marriage gift, and the subtext of roots, drink, time and growth.

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