Friday, May 30, 2008

Artist book

I am leaping into the void.For quite some time I've watched other artists make exquisite, revealing books. I like their intimacy, the reveal as you turn the pages, the invitation to examine elements and to absorb the whole.

All through my studio bits I mean-to-work-with lie secreted or scattered. Last week, I finally put some together.

The mauve in these photos is just what was on my table, but looking at the photos I think it may become part of the piece.

Even if I cannot aspire to Jeanne Williamson's Quilt a week vow, I can resolve to continue this project. It feels like the logical progression from my both my larger work and the countless small collages I've produced and sold over the past

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Vivien said...

I agree that part of what makes these pieces so beautiful is the personal voice expressed in each. I'm sure it will be very cathartic for you to create one.