Sunday, June 7, 2009

Open Studios Special Guest!

*Wonderful* open studios yesterday at Lowell Fiber Studios. I made progress on my commission pieces. I should get those buttons attached at my family gathering today.

Cathy Granese brought in the most professional Fabric Collage Kits to give away as gifts. People were so tickled: something nice, and free? We said we were grateful they'd made it up to the fifth floor, and on a lovely Saturday, to boot. Lots of happy conversations resulted.

But the biggest deslight was a suprise visit from Pokey Bolton of Quilting Arts:

She'll be printing an article soon by Sharon Sawyer about our fiber studio. This Saturday she came to see for herself. What a pleasure!

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Diane Wright said...

Yeah! Lowell is such a wonderful's little wonder that Pokey would want to visit in person.

I'm looking forward to our visit in August.