Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Opening

The annual show for the Quilter's Connection arrives in style this weekend.
Here's yours truly after an evening and morning spent setting up the Boutique. Wonderful stuff: the full spectrum of needle arts --- everything from teddy bears to exquisite beaded pieces by Amy Ropple.

A number of my small collages are in the boutique, and two of my quilts are hanging in the show. I've never been "backstage" before. An amazing number of cooperative hands go into raising such a big show. From what was hung this morning, I can tell you the quality of the work is high, and the exhibit is beautiful, worth the time to visit tomorrow or this weekend.

As a bonus, gift from the gods, the exhibit by Virginia Fitzgerald was still up last night: stately, haunting, empty dresses made from rope, dog-tags, stones, even egg-shells. This morning she was just packing up the last piece, so I got a chance to meet her.

Come to the Quilt Show! It's at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, right next to Panera's. Plenty of free parking, and just the right amount to see. If you come tomorrow between 1 and 3, stop in the Boutique and say hi to me.

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