Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In the Studio

layered prints on reclaimed cotton
One whole day to work. A gift. The studio is hip deep in fabric and paint.

There's a chair there somewhere
 I am making scarves for the holidays. Each is unique intersection of time and opportunity. The fabrics range over a collection of years: silk charmeuse dyed by a local artist, kimono found at an estate sale, high-end jacquards from designer close-outs, plus vintage linens I've over-dyed.
In progress

Because apparently I cannot work in a linear fashion, I also find myself printing. 

Plus I'm hemming up some scarves from a black sheer I bought a year ago from a local designer. I hope to print these this weekend on the big print table in Lowell.

And to fill in the cracks? Shibori-dyed vintage napkins. After cleaning out the basement this fall, the 1920s workbench converted nicely to a dye station. I'm on my second batch of shibori-style dying. This means lots of stairs. The dye station is in the basement (two flights down);  the tub (washing out) is two flights up. The laundry (final wash), is in the basement. The ironing is back up on the third floor. I suppose I could move that, but I do try to keep at least the kitchen and living room work-zone free. Piles for classes, yes. Ironing board, no.

Here's the next two batches of napkins, ironed:

Electric Blue and Blue Violet on Rayon/cotton blend

Same colors on 20" square linen/cotton blend
All for Open Studios in Lowell come December.

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