Friday, November 14, 2014

Found poetry collage

The Arlington Center for the Arts collage class started last night making cards.
Barbara: blues and yellows this term

They each got a card, a page from an old children's mystery, and 30 minutes.
We talked briefly about the steps involved: how to get past the page to the words that moved you; how to step from there to a ground that supported your text.

My class sample

What felt odd quickly morphed into delight in their talented hands.

Nancy: complex found imagery

An assignment that felt odd quickly transformed to intriguing in their capable hands.

Caroline: wolves, dense surface, imbedded questions
 Each card reflected the personality its maker.

Judy: ocean colors, vistas
 The goal: relax, work fast, leap past the tired monkey brain to joy.

Beth: rich colors, warm heart
 I think it worked.

Deborah: direct and yet unexpected
 "Is this what the Valentine's workshop will like?" 
Yes, but with lots of pink and red, hearts and flowers.

Kathy: tiny window, rich view
 These folks are a joy. They support each other. They work hard.
Appreciating the results
Wonderful, creative women.  
So much talent, such different voices.
One more week together. The term has flown by.

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