Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Form Collage

Experiment with shape and line
My students continue to amaze me.
Prints and bits
After six weeks, they still bring their full attention to class, diving into assignments.
We've made stamps and stencils, printed with gelli plates, abstracted from images and developed themes. I learn so much from their different approaches.
Miniatures in progress
 This year I've encouraged the students to work on multiple pieces simultaneously. This is a stretch, especially at the end of the day. But it frees you.  You no longer need to find  to find The Right Answer. Instead, many answers appear.
Lollipop Tree series inspired by vintage fabrics and 1800s textbook
Stillness and fascination with texture

Thumbnails from photos
The class is so full of ideas it makes me giddy.
 Wolf and Spirit theme

Experiment with lines and layers
They bring so much to the class. They encourage each other, and challenge me. Transformative Thursdays, for all of us.

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