Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thermofax Workshop

 Six students and I gathered at Lowell Fiber Studio this past Sunday to print with Thermofax screens. The class included artists Linda Germain and Deb Dugan, 
along with a Bard student and fiber artists from Lowell, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
Once you start, the Thermofax printing moves fast. 
You need to keep moving and respond to what happens on the cloth.

These students embraced the challenge. 
 Everyone produced beautiful samples.
You could see ideas generating more ideas.
No one wanted to stop, not even for lunch.

All my life I've heard teachers say how much their students teach them.
It's true. 
This Sunday was another amazing group of talented people. 

I'm so glad they took the leap and came to work with me.

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Deb Dugan said...

Thank YOU for a truly wonderful and inspirational day! I learned so much, not the least of which is that I love gold. Ha! I'm looking forward to another workshop in the very neat future (I hope). All the best,

Deb D.